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Unicorn Toys: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Magical Memories


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Unicorn toys are a magical gateway to a world of imagination and wonder, especially for kids who love everything sparkly and mystical. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect unicorn-themed gift, you’re in for a treat! This guide is brimming with ideas for unicorn toys that are sure to delight and inspire. Let’s gallop into this enchanting world!

Unicorn Stuffed Animal: Cuddly and Cute

Nothing beats the classic appeal of a unicorn stuffed animal. Enchanting plush toys, like this Mommy and baby 5-in-1 plush toy set or this glittery unicorn with wings offer endless cuddles and comfort. They’re perfect for kids who love having a soft, magical companion by their side.

Unicorn Squishmallow: Squishy and Lovable

For a unique twist on the plush theme, check out these adorable unicorn Squishmallows: Lola, the tie-dye unicorn and Bunnycorn, a mix of, you guessed it, bunny and unicorn. Their squishy texture and cute designs make them irresistible snuggle buddies for kids of all ages!

Unicorn Blanket: Cozy and Magical

Wrap your little one in magic with these dreamy unicorn blankets, found here and here. They’re perfect for cozy nights, storytime, or simply lounging around with a touch of unicorn magic. These two unicorn blankets are glow-in-the-dark which adds an extra element of fun.

Unicorn Onesies and Hoodie Blankets: Fun and Fashionable

Take the unicorn theme to the next level with these whimsical unicorn onesies and hoodie blankets. You can also find yourself a magical mix of the two with this hooded throw blanket. These items aren’t just comfy; they’re a complete outfit for imaginary play or magical themed parties.

Unicorn Gifts

Enchanting Jewelry: Sparkly and Charming

Add a touch of sparkle to your gift with unicorn-themed jewelry. These enchanting pieces, found here and here, are perfect for little ones who love to accessorize with a bit of fantasy flair.

Lip Smacker: Unicorn-Flavored Fun

For a whimsical twist on lip care, check out these unicorn-themed Lip Smackers. They’re a fun and practical gift that adds a little unicorn magic to everyday routines.

Unicorn Party Ideas

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Unicorn Horn: Dress-Up Delight

Encourage imaginative play with these wearable unicorn horns. Add even more magic to playtime with rainbow hair. These items are perfect for dress-up, themed parties, or whenever your child wants to feel a bit more magical.

Rainbow Eggs: Surprise and Wonder

Delight kids with these mysterious rainbow eggs. Each egg holds a surprise, adding an element of wonder and discovery to the unicorn-themed fun.

Unicorn Toys

Unicorn Poop and Slime Kits: Gooey and Creative

Yep, it’s a thing. For a playful and creative gift, consider these unicorn poop and slime kits, mixing fun with science. They offer hours of gooey goodness, perfect for hands-on play and sensory exploration.

Unicorn Push Pop Fidget Toys: Trendy & Fun

These unicorn push pop fidget toys like this unicorn pop purse and this push pop game are not just fun; they’re also great for stress relief and sensory play, making them a thoughtful gift for any child.

Unicorn Coloring Pages and Crafts: Artistic and Engaging

Encourage creativity with these unicorn coloring pages and craft kits. They’re perfect for artistic expression and can provide hours of peaceful play.

Unicorn Wrapping Paper & Gift Bags: Wrapping It Up!

Make your unicorn gift even more special with themed wrapping paper and gift bags. This extra touch adds to the excitement and magic of the gift.

Conclusion: Finding the Right Unicorn Toys

The world of unicorn toys offers endless possibilities for gifts that inspire, comfort, and delight. From cuddly stuffed animals to creative craft kits, and from cozy blankets to whimsical dress-up accessories, there’s a unicorn toy out there for every child’s dream. So go ahead, pick the perfect unicorn gift and watch as it brings a touch of magic and joy to your little one’s life. Happy gifting in the land of unicorns!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can unicorn toys be educational?
A: Of course. Many unicorn toys, especially puzzles and craft kits, offer educational benefits such as improving fine motor skills and creativity.

Q: How do I clean plush unicorn toys?
A: Most plush toys can be gently hand-washed or machine-washed in a delicate cycle. Always check the care label first.

Q: Are there unicorn toys that promote outdoor play?
A: Yes, look for unicorn-themed outdoor playsets, balls, or even garden toys that encourage outdoor adventures.

Q: Can I find eco-friendly unicorn toys?
A: Definitely. There are unicorn toys made from sustainable materials and non-toxic paints. Check product descriptions for eco-friendly certifications.

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