Sneaker Ball Party

Sneaker Ball Party: Everything You Need to Know


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A Sneaker Ball makes for a unique and memorable social event. It’s an exciting twist on formal events, where guests rock their favorite sneakers along with dressy outfits. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and style, making it a hit for party-goers of all ages.

What is a Sneaker Ball?

At its core, a Sneaker Ball is a stylish soiree where sneakers take center stage. This unique party concept combines the elegance of a traditional ball with the edgy, casual flair of sneakers. It’s all about expressing your personality through your favorite kicks!

Sneaker Balls are perfect for a number of different types of events including birthday parties, Sweet 16 parties, corporate events, fundraisers, Daddy-Daughter dances, and anniversary parties to name a few.

Sneaker Ball Attire

The dress code is simple: formal attire paired with your most prized sneakers. Think ball gowns, suits, or cocktail dresses, but with the added twist of your most beloved or extravagant sneakers. It’s an opportunity to get creative and show off your personal style all while checking out what everyone else chose to wear as well.

Sneaker Ball Dresses

When choosing a Sneaker Ball dress, make sure to choose a style that does NOT hide your feet such as a dress that features a side slit. Black is always an elegant choice but you can also wear colors from your favorite basketball team or a color that coordinates with your sneakers.

Sneaker Ball Dresses

Shop Our Full List of Dresses

Looking for tips on which dress to choose? Check out our Best Sneaker Ball Dresses blog post.

Sneaker Ball Decorations

Decorating for a Sneaker Ball is just as important as getting the attire right because you want to set the tone for the party. If you’re a Jordans fan, start off by picking up some Air Force 1 confetti to sprinkle on tables and add in some handmade Jordan-inspired candles. These items work especially well if you’re going with a gold and/or silver theme.

Sneaker Ball Confetti
Sneaker Ball Party Ideas

You can also setup a photo area with foil balloons and a shoe wall backdrop that is reminiscent of a sneakerhead’s closet!

Sneaker Ball Party Ideas
Sneaker Ball Party Ideas

Add a dramatic and stylish element to your party by incorporating free-standing marquee lights.

Sneaker Ball Party Ideas
Sneaker Gala

Consider a Royal Sneaker Ball Theme

Have a look through our latest Sneaker Ball Color Theme: gold and blue with touches of silver!

Balloon Garland Photo Backdrop

Create a stunning photo backdrop with balloon garlands to match your theme colors. Choose black and gold balloons for a sophisticated look or simply search for your specific color combination.

Black and Gold Balloons

Personalized Party Decor

Personalized decorations will surely add a special touch to your event. Consider personalized sneaker ball confetti and centerpiece options as seen below.

Sneaker Ball Decorations
Sneaker Ball Decorations

Sneaker Ball Entertainment

Music is a must. Consider hiring a DJ who knows how to get a party going. Live music is a great choice as well. Depending on the type of event you’re throwing, feel free to showcase picture slideshows, hand out awards, make room for speeches and so on.

Sneaker-Themed Food and Dessert

Delight your guests with sneaker-themed treats! Designer cupcake toppers and party supplies (check out these Jordan-themed ones) will make your food table a conversation starter.

Ordering or baking a sneaker-themed cake is also a great idea as it keeps things fun and aligned with the theme.

Sneaker Ball Decorations
Sneaker Ball Decorations

Sneaker-inspired Party Favors

Send your guests home with memorable party favors packed inside a mini shoebox-style gift box filled with thematic party favors such as sneakerhead keyrings, personalized shoelaces, and more.

Sneaker Party Favors
Sneaker Party Favors

Conclusion: Throwing a Sneaker Ball Party

Hosting a Sneaker Ball is all about blending the upscale with the casual, creating a unique, memorable experience. With the right mix of stylish attire, personalized decorations, and engaging activities, your event is bound to be an unforgettable event!

For more themed parties, check out our full list here and be sure to follow Modern Mommsie on Pinterest.

Sneaker Ball Invitations

Don’t Forget the Invitations

Kick off your event with personalized Sneaker Ball Invitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I invite guests to a Sneaker Ball?
Create invitations that highlight the sneaker theme. Use images of sneakers and formal attire to convey the dress code and the unique nature of the event.

Can Sneaker Balls be held outdoors?
Yes, Sneaker Ball parties can be outdoor events. Just ensure the venue is suitable for both formal wear and sneakers, like a garden or a rooftop with a smooth surface. Your guests will not want to get their prized sneakers dirty, so keep that in mind!

Should I include a dress code on the invitation?
Absolutely. Clearly stating the dress code (formal attire with sneakers) is crucial for setting the right expectations and helping guests prepare for your Sneaker Ball. When some guests see that the party has a sneaker-inspired theme, they may mistakingly assume that the event is casual.

What kind of music is suitable for a Sneaker Ball?
Choose a diverse playlist that caters to a wide range of musical tastes while keeping the energy high and appropriate for a sophisticated event.

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