Toy Story Birthday Party

To Infinity and Beyond: The Ultimate Toy Story Birthday Party Guide


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Celebrate with a blast to Andy’s room and beyond with a Toy Story birthday party, perfect for fans of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the entire crew.

This theme brings the beloved Pixar movies to life, offering a day filled with friendship, adventure, and the magic that happens when toys come to life. Create a Toy Story birthday party that will have everyone buzzing with excitement!

Invitations: Call to Andy’s Room

Start the adventure with invitations that set the playful and heartwarming tone of Toy Story. Use vibrant graphics featuring Woody, Buzz, and the gang, along with playful wording like “You’re Invited to [Child’s Name]’s Toy Story Party in Andy’s Room!”

Decor: A Toy’s World

Transform your party space into scenes from the Toy Story universe:

  • Toy-Themed Decor: Use bright colors and patterns reminiscent of Andy’s room. Incorporate balloons, streamers, and tablecloths in primary colors.
  • Character Cutouts: Place life-size cutouts of Toy Story characters around the party area for fun photo ops.
  • Clouds and Stars: Recreate Andy’s iconic cloud wallpaper with blue backdrops and white cloud cutouts. Hang star decorations to represent Buzz Lightyear’s space theme.

Activities: Playtime Adventures

Keep the little guests entertained with Toy Story inspired games and crafts:

  • Sheriff Woody’s Lasso Toss: Set up a ring toss game where kids try to lasso targets with rope rings.
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Flight School: Create an obstacle course or a simple craft station where kids can make and decorate their own paper airplanes or rockets.
  • Mr. Potato Head Assembly Race: Have a relay race where kids race to assemble Mr. Potato Head figures the fastest.

Dress Up: Toy Chest Come to Life

Encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite Toy Story character. Offer cowboy hats, space ranger badges, or Bo Peep’s shepherd staffs for anyone who might need help getting into character.

Food & Drink: Snacks for Toys and Humans Alike

Serve up Toy Story themed treats that are sure to please everyone at the party:

  • Pizza Planet Pizza: Serve pizza slices reminiscent of the iconic Pizza Planet joint featured in the film, complete with a homemade or printed Pizza Planet sign.
  • Alien Cupcakes: Create cupcakes decorated like the little green aliens, with three eyes and antennae.
  • Woody’s Watering Hole: Set up a drink station with labeled bottles of “Buzz’s Rocket Fuel” (fruit punch) and “Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Root Beer”.

Toy Story Cake and Cupcakes: A Culinary Tribute to Toy Story

Design a cake or cupcakes that capture the spirit of the Toy Story series:

  • Toy Story Cake: A tiered cake featuring elements from the movies, such as Woody’s hat, Buzz’s spaceship, and other character motifs.
  • Character Cupcakes: Cupcakes decorated to resemble the faces of Toy Story characters, using fondant or themed cupcake toppers.

Party Favors: Goodies from Andy’s Room

Send guests home with Toy Story party favors as a thank-you for attending the bash:

  • Toy Story Goodie Bags: Fill bags with Toy Story stickers, temporary tattoos, small toys, and character keychains.
  • Adopt an Alien: Give each child a small plush green alien to “adopt” and take home.

A Heartwarming Farewell

Wrap up the party with a group viewing of a favorite Toy Story short or scenes from the movies. This is a great way to allow the kids to relax after the day’s activities and before parents show up. Hand out character certificates for participating in the day’s adventures, making each guest an honorary member of Andy’s toy collection.

A Toy Story birthday party is an unforgettable way to celebrate, filled with warmth, humor, and adventure. With these party theme ideas, you’re all set to give your child a day filled with joy, laughter, and memories. These memories, just like the toys themselves, will always hold a special place in your child’s heart. Here’s to a celebration that truly goes to infinity and beyond!

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